Learn the basics of building a Discord bot with Voiceflow's Dialog Manager.

Build your assistant

In this guide, we are creating an assistant that is connected directly with Voiceflow.


Discord and Voiceflow

Voiceflow Discord

Use Voiceflow Dialog Manager API to run a Discord Bot




Create your Discord App

Go to to https://discord.com/developers/applications to create your Discord app

Name your application and click “Create

From the General Information tab, copy the APPLICATION ID and save it for later

On the Bot tab, generate a Token by clicking on Reset Token button

Copy the newly created token and save it for later

Scroll down and toggle PRESENCE INTENT, SERVER MEMBERS INTENT and MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT. Do not forget to save your changes.

Now, on the OAuth2 tab, select bot for the SCOPES and give the BOT PERMISSIONS you need.

Once it’s done, click the Copy button at the bottom of the page.

Open this link in a new tab and add the bot to your Discord server

On your Discord server you should now see the bot in the Users tab and a new message

If you haven’t activated the Developer Mode already, do it by going to the settings: APP SETTINGS > Advanced

Right click on your server icon in the left sidebar, click on Copy Server ID and save it for later.

You should now have: an app key, bot token, and server id

Get your project Dialog API key

Go to Voiceflow Creator and open the Chat Assistant project you want to use.
Click on Integration from the left sidebar (or press the 6 key)

Select the Dialog API integration, click Copy API Key to copy your Voiceflow Dialog API Key and save it for later

Fork on Replit

Setup the Replit secrets

Set new Secrets with the following info

Discord bot token

Discord App ID

Discord server ID

Voiceflow Dialog API endpoint (default to general runtime)

Voiceflow project API key (from the Integration section)

On the Secrets tab, you can click the Edit as JSON button and paste the following JSON (do not forget to update the keys values):

  "APP_ID": "XXX",
  "VOICEFLOW_API_URL": "https://general-runtime.voiceflow.com",

Run your app on Replit

Once forked and updated with the Secrets, run your app and check the Console


If you are a bit curious and want to dive in the code, we’ve made a video to go over the Node JS app and the different ways to interact with the Discord bot.