Uploads a document to the Knowledge Base (excluding type "url"). Limit is one file per call.


All requests made to any Knowledge Base APIs must be validated with a Dialog Manager API Key, prefaced with the word Bearer.

To obtain a Dialog Manager API key, go to the Integration tab on the project you uploaded data sources to and click the "Copy API key" button.

Request Fields

PropertyDescription & Example
Bearer Dialog Manager API Key
(query parameter)
Optional - Specify whether to overwrite existing data (optional).
"True" means you want to overwrite.
(query parameter)
Optional - Determine how granularly each document is broken up.
Max chunk size affects the total amount of chunks parsed from a document.
(i.e. larger chunks means less chunks retrieved)

Smaller chunk size means:
- narrower context
- faster response
- less tokens consumed
- greater risk of less accurate answers

type: integer ; default: 1000; Range available is 500-1500 tokens.
Once uploaded, you can view the chunks using the GET Document Chunk Retrieval Knowledge Base API.
(body, form-data)
Accepted source document types for this endpoint are:
pdf, txt, or docx.

Sample Response

    "status": {
        "type": "PENDING"
    "data": {
        "type": "pdf",
        "name": "Learn-to-Sail.pdf"
    "updatedAt": "2023-08-09T21:04:04.213Z",
    "documentID": "64d3fe4926dfd90007fa1668"
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