Genesys Cloud Configuration

In this guide, we will cover how to support the various configuration details required when the caller does not answer on a Genesys telephony integration.

More details on the no response options available here on the Genesys website.

šŸ“ž Handling no response event

Dialogflow setup

Follow the instructions to setup your no response events in Dialogflow ES here . Voiceflow will not modify any events on upload that are set on active intents.

Dialogflow ES eventsDialogflow ES events

Dialogflow ES events

Design Best Practise

We recommend the intent with the GENESYS_INITIAL_NO_INPUT, GENESYS_NO_INPUT and GENESYS_FINAL_NO_INPUT event are set as Commands in your project. This will ensure that they can be triggered at any time without losing context of the current conversation state.

Commands MenuCommands Menu

Commands Menu

Add your text response in the Flow your command triggers:

Flow triggered by CommandFlow triggered by Command

Flow triggered by Command

šŸ›‘ End Conversation

Dialogflow setup

To set an intent as the end of conversation, you will need to configure this on the relevant intents inside Dialoglow. Voiceflow will not modify the end conversation toggle on upload set on active intents.

End of conversation toggleEnd of conversation toggle

End of conversation toggle

Design Best Practise

It is recommended to configure all intents that trigger the end of a conversation as global intents in Voiceflow (i.e. not intent scoped to a choice block).

escalate flowescalate flow

Intent + Say step