Dialogflow ES

Connect your Voiceflow chat project into Dialogflow ES with our One-Click Publish feature. In this guide, we will take you through the entire workflow to get your project setup with your agent.


To get started, create a New Project and select the Dialogflow Chat project type under the One-Click Publish section.

Next, go ahead and create an intent with some example utterances.

Now that you've setup your intents, create a design that includes the intent in a step.


Active intents only

The publish tool will only upload active intents and their associated entities (those used in the design).

Connect your Dialogflow instance to the project by following the sign-in steps.

Select the Agent you want to connect to or create a new agent.


You will receive the below prompt on successful upload.

To confirm everything worked correctly, navigate to the Intent tab in Dialogflow and make sure that all your active intents are listed with their associated training phrases.

Notice that 'Enable webhook call for this intent' and 'Enable webhook call for slot filling' are marked as on by default so that your agent can interface directly with your Voiceflow design.

Finally, confirm that all of your entities (if used in your intent utterances) with their related synonyms are also reflected.

Congrats, your project is now connected with your Dialogflow ES agent!


Disconnect Dialogflow from Voiceflow

If you're interested in managing context independently, you can remove the fulfilment webhook at any time to disconnect your agent from Voiceflow.